The health and safety of our employees, customers and business partners is very important to us!

TP Freight Lines & LC Halls Truck Lines has no known employees with Covid-19 at this time. We are following the state and federal guidelines and have asked any employee that feels sick to stay home. All of our employees have sick leave and short term disability that goes beyond the requirements of the State of Oregon and Washington as well as the federal government.

Future Deliveries may be delayed due to state and federal regulations or mandates as well as potential staffing issues.

At this time TP Freight Lines & LC Halls Truck Lines is suspending all residential inside deliveries. We are offering delivery to a garage, carport, ground level porch or driveway.

Business pick-ups or deliveries must be made in a general shipping or receiving area. For the time being we are suspending any pick-ups or deliveries to offices or cubicles.

All pick-ups or deliveries to hospitals, health clinics and dental offices must be made to a general shipping and receiving area or the parking lot.

We ask that all employees, customers and business partners to cooperate with TP freight Lines & LC Hall Truck Lines in taking these steps to reduce the transmission of communicable disease in your work place and ours.

Please call with any questions or concerns 503 233-4607 ext. 1

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